EP 37: Election Decompression. Take a breath, everyone

After a wild weekend, a historical election, and a period of heightened discourse, it’s time to take a breath and figure out what all of this means. In this episode, we step away from the intense conversations and decompress. This election has thrown up so many issues around identity, history, class, and discontent, and now it’s time to start talking about all of those things. Let’s have discussions that are led with empathy, confront our past in a responsible and smart way, and use the skills we have amassed as a nation over the past decade to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and move forward. The times, they are a changin’, so let’s start to understand and feel what that change means and navigate our hope and our discomfort. Onwards!

BONUS GE2020 EP: How Does My Vote Work?

Should you vote all the way down the ballot? Should you give a candidate a preference even if they’re in bits? What’s a quota? How does a surplus get distributed? How did we end up with this voting system? Get ready to nerd out with our special How Does My Vote Work episode. We headed out to UCD to talk to an unsung hero of Irish democracy, political scientist Professor David Farrell. In this episode, David answers your questions about voting, our voting system, how the count works, and more.

EP 36: GE2020 Spesh pt 4: We Built This City

What would it take to make the cities of Ireland into urban utopias? We’re joined by Labour candidate Rebecca Moynihan to imagine the possibilities and realities of what could be for our main municipalities. Throw in a look over the previous week of campaigning and polls, as well as our fave bits and this week’s contender to Get in The Sea and finally top off with an absolute Tuna Chicken Roll.

BONUS #GE2020 EP: Can Rural Ireland go Green? with Saoirse McHugh

It was presumed this election would be overshadowed by the Green Wave. This hasn’t been the case. And where it has, it has been supported by quite an urban demographic and green policies have really been seen as an issue by rural, farming dependent Ireland. We talk to pal of the pod Saoirse McHugh about the challenges rural Irish communities are faced with to try and engage with the Green Wave and provides some of the solutions for why going green can actually be of benefit to farmers and why the conversation around climate change in Ireland doesn’t have to be reduced to the size of the national herd.

BONUS #GE2020 EP with Vincent Browne

As we examine how voter sentiment may potentially alter the landscape of Irish politics this weekend, what that sentiment boils down to is not just change, but radical change, and change that is directed towards what can be broadly described as the left, although we absolutely know that the traditional binaries by which we measure and describe the ideological spectrum of politics keep shifting and have changed a lot in recent years.

There’s one particular journalist whose trademark is speaking truth to power, interrogating corruption, making establishment politicians cower in fear, and more broadly a journalist who is steered by a sense of equality, fairness and justice in Irish society.

We knew that this was the man we wanted to be talking to this week about what is actually now happening in Irish society, the context, the causes, and the potential outcome. We’re delighted to welcome in studio Vincent Browne.

EP 35: GE2020 Spesh 3: Why is Culture always left behind?

tone of colour in a room or a morning sky, a particular perfume that you had once loved and that brings subtle memories with it, a line from a forgotten poem that you had come across again, a cadence from a piece of music that you had ceased to play— I tell you, Dorian, that it is on things like these that our lives depend.” Oscar Wilde

Culture always seems to be seen as a nice to do and is always first for the chop – even though we rely on it for export; tourism; mental health; employment; damn, culture is a reason to be alive. It shapes the type of world we live in. Without it, what …..is the meaning of life? And in elections, we shouldn’t be pleading for the very fundamentals of being alive, we should be voting for the type of society we want to live in.

But even in putting together this episode, it felt like we were putting together a fluffy episode when the issues of the day and of the election are (rightly) housing and health. So how do we make culture a priority issue for voters and ensure it’s front and centre in manifestos and debates?

On the day the Social Democrats launched their impressive Arts and Culture manifesto, we’re joined by Cian O’Brien from the National Campaign for the Arts and Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre to talk about the importance of culture for the very essence of our existence.

BONUS EP: Sinn Fein – so hot right now

More and more young women we speak to appear to be voting for Sinn Féin. Is this a sentiment the broader political and media establishment has overlooked? What explains the Sinn Féin surge? In this bonus episode, we chat about what we think is behind Sinn Féin’s rising popularity in the polls, and whether or not it’ll make a difference as #GE2020 progresses. Plus, we take a straw poll at Andrea’s nail bar in Dublin to hear what young women there think about Sinn Féin.

EP 34: GE2020 Spesh 2: Crime and Punishment

As the general election campaign took off, the horrific murder of a teenager brought organised crime into sharp focus as an election issue. In this episode, we discuss crime and punishment, and how political parties approach the issue. We talk to Marcus Keane from the Ana Liffey Drug Project about drug policy, and Social Democrats candidate for Dublin Central, Gary Gannon, joins us in studio to discuss tackling the causes of crime, rather than just the end result. Also in this episode, we bring you our first Voter’s Voice – a young, professional, Dublin renter – and we digest the campaign news and bring Get In The Sea to GE2020.

EP: 33: General Election Spesh Part 1: What’s the Big Idea?

It’s election campaign time, which means for the next month Una and Andrea will be covering the general election, but a little differently to everyone else. No doses, no debates, no clickbait. We want to talk about big ideas and issues. We kick off our first election special with the king of campaign ephemera: Alan Kinsella of Irish Election Literature. Alan is in the studio to discuss the semantics of sloganeering. Also on the pod, we outline how we’re covering the election and why. There’s also devastation in UI HQ over J-Lo’s Oscar snub, and Andrea tackles certain tech company tweets, which is extra dangerous ever since she took up axe-throwing.

Total Mayor

If you were the mayor (with decision making power) of your town, what is the one thing you’d implement? As we kick off 2020, we ask some of our faves to answer this very question. Back to county life next week.