EPISODE 88: Why are Gardaí raiding CBD stores?

Little Collins is a CBD shop in Kilkenny and Galway that’s been raided by Gardaí a number of times over the past few weeks. We’re joined by owner Ide O’Brien to try and get to the bottom of why this is happening.

We also have a broader look at the journey Ireland is currently on with cannabis and delve into the reasons why drugs are illegal in the first place, and it’s not the reasons you think, reader.

State of the Nation, It’s Bananas, Get in the Sea and Una’s Book of the Week also included.

EPISODE 86: Is it still a sin?

We’ve been taking your feedback very seriously from our survey and as a result we’ll be having a culture focused ep once a month. Not a culture review or listings type convo, more a look at what’s happening in culture and how is that informing or being informed politically and socially.

This month, we’re talking about It’s A Sin. Who isn’t?

We’re talking to High Priestess and Queen Witch Veda about where It’s a Sin hit the spot and where there were some inadequacies.


EP 85: LONGFORD: Why does it take a campaigning reaction to fix basic accommodation for refugees?

It’s the final county.

Longford, this is your moment.

We’re talking to Ruairí McKiernan, a wonderful man full or hope and promise. Whilst we’re talking about the problems that don’t seem to get solved without citizen intervention, Ruairí shows us how we all possess the power to bring about change.

We’ve TWO county reps – Longford listener Paula McNally and maybe the most famous Longford woman, campaigner Siona Cahill.

Of course we have the State of the Nation, County Facts, It’s Bananas, Get in the Sea and the Tuna Chicken Roll.

EPISODE 83: OFFALY: Why aren’t briquettes so hot rn?

OMG. A county. On the day we bid adieu to Trump. And JLo shines in white.


We’re talking all things Offaly with county facts making a return, comedian Edwin Sammon as county rep and Minister of State and Green party Senator Pippa Hackett joins us to talk about what’s next for bogs in Offaly, where she lives and farms.

We’ve a briquette moment of appreciation with James Kavanagh, Una becomes an influencer and Soulwax remix Fontaines D.C.

EPISODE 82: Planning & The City

I couldn’t help but wonder, what if… Samantha was replaced by a city planner?

We spend a lot of time talking about our capital city on this pod, how it’s shaped, how it develops and all the bits and bobs that throws up.

So, as the Dublin City Development Plan is now currently open for submissions, we wanted to go straight to the horse’s mouth to find out exactly how the city is planned and how we can be part of that process.

We’re joined by Dublin City Council’s City Planner John O’Hara to talk about the process; the decisions; co-living and naturellement Andrea’s not letting the moment pass without talking about the situation with our clubbing landscape.

Please take this opportunity to make a submission to the City Development Plan! This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and to create a city YOU want to live in. The link is below and the deadline is the 22nd Feb.



Everything feels like one giant dumpster fire atm. But instead of fanning the proverbial flames and giving out about all the mistakes that were made, we’re focusing instead on bringing the calm and just trying to get through this.

So as we enter lockdown number 3 and we try to drum up all the endurance required to make it through another lockdown we decided to talk to endurance running coach Rene Borg to see what endurance lessons we can borrow.

Plus Bridgerton scraps, the lovely Tolu Makay, owls and why we’re considering changing It’s Bananas to a weekly feature of ‘Co-Living is Bananas’.