EPISODE 106: The Art of the Temporary

This week we’re talking to Niall Davidson from Allta Summer House and architect & artist Rae Moore about how the pandemic has led them towards creating temporary restaurants and cultural venues. Does the temporary nature of their creations allow for more freedom to experiment, a wider scope of creativity and will there be more of this sort of thing coming down the line as we emerge from pandemic living?

Also DaBaby is in DaBits; Dizzee Rascal drops to 40,000 people and we’re still living with cages at pilot events and maternity restrictions *still* remain in place.

EPISODE 105: The Data Centre Takeover

With the greater Dublin area becoming the largest hub for data centres in Europe, this massive boom in huge industrial sites went unnoticed for a while, but is increasingly heating up. Literally. We’re joined by Dr Patrick Bresnihan of Maynooth University to talk about wtf is going on with data centres in Ireland, tech companies buying wind farms, and what data degrowth may mean in the future.

Plus, Andrea inspires with her new no-work-Sunday business plan, and Una reminisces about going out in gay bars with the Book of the Week.

DBS Spesh #4: The Aftermath

As the dust settles across Dublin Bay South, we wander through the day after the weekend like disorientated England football fans, and discuss Fianna Fáil’s road to nowhere, Fine Gael’s self-awareness vacuum, and how Ivana Bacik’s election win doesn’t necessarily mean a Labour resurgence. Also: populist tweets, the fading aesthetic of 20th century campaigning tactics, and a humiliated far-right.

DBS BONUS: Maser talks election posters

It’s voting day in Dublin Bay South.

We might have mentioned it once or twice!

With so much riding on this election, everything has been thrown at getting the candidates noticed, and as such we’ve seen a new direction for election posters. We’re talking to acclaimed artist and previous political muralist Maser about the seachange we’ve witnessed with the introduction of illustrated posters taking over the lamp posts.

GO AND VOTE (if you can!)

See you for some results bonanza chats on the flipside.

DBS Spesh #3: Neck & Neck

It’s the penultimate week before the big By-Election and things are heating up 🔥🔥🔥

We’re delving into the results from the Irish Times Ipsos MRBI poll that see James G taking the lead, but as predicted by us in DBS SPESH #1, Ivana is coming up strong. It looks like our marvellous voting system is going to bring us on a ride though, because if transfers come into play and Vote Left, Transfer Left and Women transferring to Women kick in, this could be a very juicy count day.

We would also like to point out how much the results of this poll reflect last week’s tarot predictions. The future of political analysis and predictions are in the cards!

DBS Spesh #2: The Tarot

Behold, a new era of election predictions. What does the tarot say about the Dublin Bay South by-election? Our very special guest this week is Sarah Maria Griffin who, armed with a lifetime of tarot reading skills, is bringing her talents and insight to the battle for the southside. As the candidates attempt to manifest a victory, what do the secrets of the tarot reveal about their chances? Settle in, for a very witchy episode and political analysis like no other.

BYLINE: Susan McKay

On this episode of BYLINE, it’s the brilliant Susan McKay. We talk about her fascinating new book Northern Protestants: On Shifting Ground, which you can (and should!) buy here. We discuss her time in the Irish Press and its “downstairs office” (Mulligan’s pub), her tenure at the Sunday Tribune and Vincent Browne’s prowess as editor, her feminist politics and how that informs her work, and, of course, unionist politics.