EPISODE 134: Why is the government ignoring the reform and resourcing needed on the issue of drugs?

A Citizen’s Assembly on drug use that was expected to take place this year has been pushed back till 2023 much to the frustration of many campaigning on the issue.

Ireland has one of the highest rates of drug overdoses every year.

Senator Lynn Ruane tabled an amendment calling for an end to the delay in establishing this essential Citizens Assembly and gave an impassioned speech in the Seanad this week highlighting why we must move now.

She joins us on this week’s pod.


It’s been a tough time for our fair city recently and the levels of frustration being felt by people who want to continue living here but can’t because of the housing crisis, the eradication of spaces to create and meet and the insane cost of living.

It seems like we’ve made the decision that only people who buy into the definition of success that those who can accumulate the most are successful and can live in the city. We need to redefine our metrics of success as otherwise, whoever has the deepest pockets gets to have the final say on who gets to live in the city. We need to remember that no one owns this city, we all do.

So as the closing date for submissions to the Dublin Development Plan falls on Valentine’s Day, we asked some people to tell us what they love about the city. We hope that listening to this reignites the reasons you love Dublin but also encourages you to make a submission to the Dublin Development Plan before Monday.


This is our city. This is our love letter.

EPISODE 131: The Big Housing Debate Analysis

It’s the housing showdown everyone was waiting for! O’Brien V O’Broin.

On this week’s podcast we’re analysing the debate that had everyone talking, until it didn’t, what it says about the government’s approach to housing, and whether Sinn Féin’s vision is up to scratch.

Plus the return of Glenisk yoghurt, Bezos’ yacht a bridge too far, Investors taking legal action against residents objecting to developments and more!

EPISODE 130: Wear and Tear of Pandemic Decompression

This week, Una and Andrea are doing something different. With Andrea feeling worn out by the news cycle’s barrage of negativity, and the frayed feeling that you have to fight for everything in this GODFORSAKEN COUNTRY, Una does her best Dr. Melfi impression in an attempt to find out what’s beneath a feeling of end-of-tether-ness that’s cropping up so much at the moment, how people can feel more in control of bad situations, and how 2022 will be a year of connection, gathering, mobilisation and change.

EPISODE 129: Busting the NIMBY Myths

In the midst of a housing crisis, all building is seen as “good” when it comes to tackling supply, but how much attention is being paid to developments that don’t just provide “units”, but community? We’re joined by architects Alfonso and Rob to talk about urbanism, SHDs and why accusations of NIMBYism are often misplaced when it comes to creating cities we want to thrive in.

EPISODE 128: British Democracy Is Under Attack

As Boris Johnson struggles for his political life thanks to a load of lockdown parties, what about the bigger picture of British political chaos? On this episode, we’re joined by the editor-in-chief of OpenDemocracy to discuss how British democracy is under attack thanks to a shift to the libertarian-right within the Tory party, and how a raft of regressive and sinister legislation seeks to curtail freedoms and undermine democracy.

Plus: Iveagh Markets; Deadly Cuts AGAIN; our new TV show about coddle and our ongoing problem with pleasure (not ours obviously, the collective ours!)