EPISODE 7: CORK: Show us the money! How can we make Big Tech pay tax?

We’re off to the Rebel County to talk tax. Show us the money!

How can we make Big Tech pay tax? Down in Cork, Apple reigns supreme as a huge employer, but they’re also at the centre of what could be a game-changing case that strikes at the heart of Ireland’s “welcoming” environment for Big Tech companies. When the European Commission ruled that Apple needed to pay over €13 billion in back-taxes to the Irish government, Ireland sided with Apple and are currently trying to refuse the dosh.

So, how can we make Big Tech pay tax like everyone else, and what will happen to all those billions resting in an account somewhere? Dara Doyle from Bloomberg tells us everything we need to know about Big Tech and Bigger Tax.

Also, Una gives her Glastonbury review, and Andrea is finally a work of art.

EPISODE 6: PRIDE: What does the queer community lose when Pride goes mainstream?

Happy Pride!

What does Pride mean to you?

In a tale as old as time, the question of corporate involvement and mainstreaming of Pride continues to rear it’s head. Have we moved forward enough for Pride to simply be a party or does the protest element have to remain front and centre? …And who gets to decide?

Who better to tease it out than this year’s Pride Parade Grand Marshal and Act Up campaigner, Will St Leger; Managing Editor of Ireland’s queer mag GCN, Lisa Connell and founder of Trans Pride Ollie Bell; Una and of course, token straight Andrea. Cos they should always be centre of the conversation, amirite Tay Tay?

EPISODE 5: GALWAY: What happens to people who die in Direct Provision?

This episode was not easy to record. And it won’t be easy to listen to, but it is essential listening.

Direct Provision will be the stain on our generation’s existence. It feels like we all know this. We all talk about this. But when talk feels empty, how do we change a broken system?

Sylva Tukula was a transgender woman buried in Galway without ceremony after being housed in an all-male direct provision centre. Her personhood was removed in death as it was when she was alive. She deserved more.

Ellie Kisyombe who has been living in Direct Provision for 8 years joins us in studio to share what it feels like to live like this. To have your personhood removed.

We talk to Maeve O’Rourke, a lecturer in Irish Centre for Human Rights in NUIG and has done a lot of work on the culture of institutionalisation in Ireland.

We also bring you some joy. Nicola Coughlan is not in fact our Derry rep as you would think as the gas bitch from Derry Girls, she’s from Galway and she shares with us all the things she loves about Galway. We talk about the week in review, all our fave things and of course end with a Tuna Chicken Roll.

EPISODE 4: CLARE: Q: Should we forgive Doonbeg Trumpism?

The streets of Doonbeg in Clare were lined with locals this week to welcome in the Trump family to their hotel and golf course that employs many of the townspeople. Apart from the fact that Trump fired the staff and re-hired many of them on minimum wage, it’s hard to argue against the fact that without this employment the town would be all but forgotten and in pretty dire straits. However, the Trump’s were greeted as all out saviours and some people found the fawning pretty galling. Is that unfair? Can we just put our morals away when there’s money to be made? Well, we’re joined by journalist Sarah Kendzior whose writing became almost prophetic during the most recent US presidential campaign, calling out what was actually happening as America began sliding down the rabbit hole towards autocracy, and warning the public about the dangers of normalising Donald Trump and his administration and band of hangers-on. Her insights and knowledge about the journey from then to now makes for pretty terrifying listening.

To lighten the mood, we’ll also be touching on Rihanna’s iconic leopard lewks, Drag Balls & Cock Destroyers, who deserves to Get in The Sea, Clare county rep Milliner Margaret O’Connor and an absolute Tuna Chicken Roll of the Gods to make sure you approach the weekend with joy.

EPISODE 3: MAYO: THE PLANET IS ON FIRE — can the green wave extinguish the flames?

This week we’re scratching our heads and wondering what the point will be of riches and economic success if we’re all actually killed off and we’re not the only ones. The Local and European elections were swept by a Green Wave that gave a very clear message that our priorities are very much on humanity’s survival. But is it too little too late and will those in power finally not just listen, but actually make the changes we’re all screaming for? One person not screaming but calming and rationally making her point and slaying in the Primetime debate is The Green Party’s Saoirse McHugh. She became the unlikely star of the recent European Parliament elections receiving over 51,000 first preference votes and we were charmed to have her in the studio to find out where she came from and where she’s going.

Given that we’re focusing on science and facts, it was glorious to have Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shuilleabháin as our Mayo rep. With a degree in theoretical physics, a PhD in maths education, current lecturer in maths in UCD she’s all about the QED and she tells us why it’s a fact that Mayo is one dreamy county. She is also a broadcaster, musician and a proud Mayo woman.

Obvs we have Get In The Sea, Our Fave Bits and this week’s Tuna Chicken Roll. Let’s get right on top of this Green Wave and get stuck in to Mayo.

EPISODE 2: DUBLIN: Is the pace of change in Dublin destroying the city’s character?

This week we’re tackling a question that dominates chats in the capital: the gentrification of Dublin, the pace of change, and what that’s all doing to the city’s character. What’s the balance between progress and keeping things deadly? Before we get stuck in, Mango tells us what he loves about Dublin. Then, Una gives you the crazy facts on student accommodation in Dublin city, and we’re using the restaurant boom as a metric by which to measure the city’s “progress”. Catherine Cleary, the restaurant critic and journalist with the Irish Times joins us to give the low down on what the hell is going on in town. We also talk about the opposition the Bernard Shaw is facing, and whether local development plans are playing a role in the attempts to (literally) silence the vibe over on South Richmond Street. We reflect on the wild weekend of elections counts, the green wave, and what the new make-up of Dublin City Council means for the city. Plus, we’ve got our fave bits, and of course, Andrea’s tuna chicken roll of a disco banger.

EPISODE 1: ANTRIM: Has Alabama put the spotlight on abortion in Northern Ireland?

One year after Repeal, Northern Ireland is still without legal abortion. As attempts to roll back reproductive rights are well underway in America, how can the North win this battle? We talk to the Deputy Legal Director at the ACLU, Louise Melling, about wtf is happening in the US, and Emma Campbell of Alliance 4 Choice fills us in on the complex path to legal abortion in Northern Ireland. Welcome to the first episode of United Ireland! Morgan from Saint Sister introduces us to what she loves most about her home county, we talk abortion rights from Alabama to Antrim, Una rants about Eoghan Murphy’s co-living plans, and Andrea introduces you all to the concept of a tuna chicken roll.