EPISODE 2: DUBLIN: Is the pace of change in Dublin destroying the city’s character?

This week we’re tackling a question that dominates chats in the capital: the gentrification of Dublin, the pace of change, and what that’s all doing to the city’s character. What’s the balance between progress and keeping things deadly? Before we get stuck in, Mango tells us what he loves about Dublin. Then, Una gives you the crazy facts on student accommodation in Dublin city, and we’re using the restaurant boom as a metric by which to measure the city’s “progress”. Catherine Cleary, the restaurant critic and journalist with the Irish Times joins us to give the low down on what the hell is going on in town. We also talk about the opposition the Bernard Shaw is facing, and whether local development plans are playing a role in the attempts to (literally) silence the vibe over on South Richmond Street. We reflect on the wild weekend of elections counts, the green wave, and what the new make-up of Dublin City Council means for the city. Plus, we’ve got our fave bits, and of course, Andrea’s tuna chicken roll of a disco banger.