EPISODE 15: CARLOW: Are we ready to get serious about the night​ ​time economy?

It’s very easy to moan and groan about the influx of hotels and the homogenisation of the landscape in cities and towns around the country, but it’s worth remembering that it’s not the job of hotel owners to ​shape the fabric of our society, it’s their job to build hotels and make money​. So, who’s job is it?

When it comes to being custodians of culture and city planning, we have the Minister for Culture & Heritage, her department, Dublin City Council and many art institutions and councils. When it comes to the night time economy or life after dark, however, it is that so often these pursuits aren’t considered culture. But, the fact of the matter is — clubbing IS culture.

This week, we’re talking to Global Night Mayor advocate Mirik Milan, who was the first Night Mayor of Amsterdam in 2012, along with Philly McMahon, who has challenged the definition and scope of culture with ThisIsPopBaby. This episode of the podcast is longer than a club night in Dublin and it’s time for us all to get behind and champion culturally relevant nightlife in Ireland.

We also have the “complete Aisling”, Sarah Breen as our county rep for Carlow, news from the week, top Carlow facts, Get In the Sea and of course, our Tuna Chicken Roll.