EPISODE 19: TALLAGHT: Why did the Council destroy a unique wetland habitat?

We all gasped when pics of the Wetlands in Tallaght were shared, recently covered over by dredged silt from the nearby lake. How could this have happened? Why would someone do this? How could an official body let this happen? Who was responsible?

It’s safe to say that orgs and institutions are literally sweating to make sure they tick all the sustainable boxes for PR, photo opps and green flags on their websites, but when it comes to actions, are they following through? The actions from South Dublin County Council would indicate that’s a big fat no, but how could councilors and heritage officers let this happen? Surely there’s a plan that everyone in there is sticking to, to maintain our greenways and biodiversity. Sadly reader, the answer is no.

The same week a motion was passed unanimously in Dublin City Council by elected councilors, but was rebuffed by a member of the appointed Executive who said that initiating changes to the development plan was a power held by the council’s executive and the council’s management did not intend to do so. So you have to ask, who exactly holds the power to shape our city?

We spoke to Science Officer with the Herpetological Society of Ireland (HIS) & research associate at TCD, Collie Ennis to get the exact details on what happened to the Wetlands and to Cllr Carly Bailey to find out what is going on within the Councils.