EPISODE 10: LEITRIM: Why is Ireland planting the wrong trees?

This week we’re off to Ireland’s smallest county to talk about trees. Listen up, this is an important story that isn’t getting the coverage it deserves. We speak to Save Leitrim about why they’re campaigning against particular forestry projects and enterprises, and we hear about the impact this is all having on the county.

In glorious news, Louise McSharry is our very special guest host this week. ALL HAIL LOUISE. Andrea is back next week to reclaim her throne.

Our County Rep this week is Katherine Lynch, who is repping Leitrim HARD.

Una and Louise choose their fave bits, Louise selects the tuna chicken roll, and our youngest ever guest joins us in studio. That’s right, Louise’s new baby, Ted, is here to make his voice heard.

Save the trees, save the bees, Save Leitrim.