EPISODE 23: What do we really know about Brexit, dark money, and the DUP?

Every hour brings new twists and turns to Brexit, but it’s important to remember that a very murky referendum got us to this point. In this, ‘Brexit, dark money and the DUP’ episode, we press pause on a frantic news cycle and go back to 2016 and 2017 to ask questions about the dark money that funded the Leave campaign. The Americanisation of British politics now impacts the mysterious bankrolling of political campaigns, partisan think tanks, how the Tory Party is funded, and why the British media is sounding increasingly American. Our special guest to delve into all of this is bossman investigative reporter, Peter Geoghegan from Open Democracy.

Also in this episode, Una is excited about a Dublin City Council initiative (shocker!), Andrea is very worried about Ireland’s potato crop, but still found time to outline the clearest breakdown of the Brexit timeline you’ve ever heard.