EPISODE 14: Privacy, the Public Service Card, and big problems…

If there’s anything we’ve learned since the Cambridge Analytica exposé, it’s that data is both very precious to those who own it and extremely dangerous if it’s accessed by power hungry maniacs. Hell, we learned this from James Bond and The Bourne films, but it’s only when it hits you in the face that the stark reality of what’s at stake IRL truly materialises.

Which is why we wanted to fully focus this week’s episode on the fallout from the Data Protection Commissioner’s landmark investigation into the government’s Public Service Card. We’re joined in the studio by the Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon to talk through what happened, why it was found to be illegal and what the ramifications of that are, what they could have been and where we go from here.

We’re also talking about Aches’ Horseboy mural; Tarantino being a forever creep; The Berlin Boys Club, a nomadic men’s group exploring healthy masculinity and just how great Aisling Bea is.