Una & Andrea’s United Ireland Bonus: BYLINE EP 1: Jack Power on the sexual abuse scandals that rocked the scouts

Byline is a new bonus series from United Ireland, where we speak to journalists working on important stories. We take a deep dive into those stories, and the journalists’ working processes, and tack how they brought the issue into the public sphere, and the impact it had.

The covid-19 pandemic has created a huge appetite for quality breaking news, reporting, and investigative journalism, but it has also caused advertising revenue to collapse, leaving many media outlets in precarious positions.

At a time when trust is at something of a low in media, and where tech companies that participate in undermining democracy, promoting misinformation and disinformation and benefiting from advertising that previously went to newspapers and other traditional media outlets, and where mainstream media outlets are often subjected to attacks from several quarters, we want to get back to the story and highlight the decent work and hard graft that often goes uncelebrated.

Byline is about good journalists doing the hard yards in the public interest.

First up, is a young reporter in the Irish Times, Jack Power, who has earned the respect of his colleagues and the industry for his diligence, tenacity, and the seriousness with which he pursues stories. Jack is a reporter almost in the classic mould. Today, Una talks to him about his work investigating and reporting on the sexual abuse of children in scouting organisations in Ireland.