EPISODE 139: Assembly Election Spesh #1: The Big Picture

Welcome to the first episode in our month-long series examining the upcoming Northern Irish Assembly elections!

You know we love a good vote (and this one takes place on May 5th), but we also feel that a lot of people in the South simply don’t engage in Assembly elections, and tend to tune out.

Not here!

We’re going to bring you the FUN ASSEMBLY ELECTION SPESH.

Get ready to tune into a different take on a hugely significant election, with expert analysis, brill guests, candidate interviews, constituency profiles, and a focus on the big issues beyond the political binaries.

In our first Big Picture ep, Andrea has been down the library ready to bring you her Assembly Explainer, and Susan McKay joins us for some big picture chats on unionism’s regression, election issues, and what happens when the power dynamics in the North begin to shift.