EPISODE 18: LOUTH: Do we need to get more bogged down?

Ireland recently declared a climate emergency. The bogs of Ireland are our equivalent to the rain forest in terms of their role as a carbon sink, but for some bizarre reason, a bypass for Ardee that was initially planned in 2001, but put on hold, was recently put back on the table. It is due to cut right through one of the only easterly raised bogs left in Ireland.

The plans were put on hold yesterday, but only due to issues raised by the community about potential division of the town, rather than the environmental issues. An Environmental Impact Assessment has never been carried out, but surely now, the question we should be asking is; if we’re in the midst of a climate emergency, why are we building more roads to counter excess traffic, rather than looking for alternative solutions? And why are we looking to build it to the detriment of one of the biggest solutions to our climate problems, the bog?

We’re joined by activist, artist and friend of the Ardee Bog, Katie Holten and Conservation Policy Officer with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council, Tristram Whyte. LEAVE THEM BOGS ALONE!