EPISODE 5: GALWAY: What happens to people who die in Direct Provision?

This episode was not easy to record. And it won’t be easy to listen to, but it is essential listening.

Direct Provision will be the stain on our generation’s existence. It feels like we all know this. We all talk about this. But when talk feels empty, how do we change a broken system?

Sylva Tukula was a transgender woman buried in Galway without ceremony after being housed in an all-male direct provision centre. Her personhood was removed in death as it was when she was alive. She deserved more.

Ellie Kisyombe who has been living in Direct Provision for 8 years joins us in studio to share what it feels like to live like this. To have your personhood removed.

We talk to Maeve O’Rourke, a lecturer in Irish Centre for Human Rights in NUIG and has done a lot of work on the culture of institutionalisation in Ireland.

We also bring you some joy. Nicola Coughlan is not in fact our Derry rep as you would think as the gas bitch from Derry Girls, she’s from Galway and she shares with us all the things she loves about Galway. We talk about the week in review, all our fave things and of course end with a Tuna Chicken Roll.