EPISODE 13: DONEGAL: Should Donegal have Universal Basic Income?

We’re all about radical solutions to big issues here at United Ireland, and this week we journey to Donegal, to see whether what’s often called the forgotten county could benefit from new thinking. Joining us this week is the mastermind behind Finland’s Universal Basic Income experiment, Olli Kangas, and Donegal doer and thinker Declan Meehan gives us the lay of the land. Our County Rep this week is Una’s better half, Sarah Francis, who is repping the north west hard.

Andrea bowls us over with her Donegal facts, and we also talk about Jeffrey Epstein, Hong Kong protests, and our all-star drag lineup for Love Sensation when Tuna Chicken Roll goes live!

Enya, Football Special, Tory kings, Donegal queens, fishing, Brexit, wee Daniel, this episode has it all! Donegal abĂș!