EPISODE 26: WEXFORD: Is sustainable fashion an oxymoron?

Come through our fashionistas. This week, we’re looking at the trend of sustainable fashion and wondering if it’s actually possible for the industry of excess and newness to actually be sustainable, and if individual boycotts of unethical brands is enough to bring about change in the industry.

We’re joined by Tara Stewart who is a DJ, fashion kween and now host of RTE podcast Dirty Laundry that looks at the subject of sustainability and her journey from fast fashion to a more sustainable approach.

On the other side of the industry, we talk to Wexford born, London based designer Richard Malone who approaches his process in the fashion industry as a vocal sustainability advocate and has previously said “It amazes me how young designers aren’t committing to sustainability. You can’t be a modern or contemporary designer if you are not sustainable.”

We also talk Lizzo, Le Mans ’66, Dimitri From Paris, Irish Water (again) and BelongTo’s 2019 School Climate Survey.