EPISODE 119: Gold Diggin’ in Leitrim

Just as the Leitrim community was able to relax after winning it’s fight against onshore fracking, another threat to the county strikes – the hunt for gold.

A few weeks ago, a group called Treasure Leitrim was formed when it emerged a company called Flintridge Research was seeking a prospecting licence for gold and silver in north Leitrim near Manorhamilton.

We’re joined by Jamie from Treasure Leitrim to find out what’s going on, if there’s an actual difference between prospecting and mining licences and what the granting of a prospecting license would mean, not just to the community but to the direction of our country going forward as a ‘resource’ hunter.

Also, LOADS of Fave Bits – we’re excited about a lot at the moment, but also an equally large amount of things to Get In The Sea and Drive us BANANAS!

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