EPISODE 108: Climate Revolution NOW

It’s clear from the IPCC report that shit has hit the fan.

But it’s also true that we can still do something about it.

Which is why we’re especially pleased to be joined by Dr. Paul Behrens, author of The Best of Times The Worst of Times: Futures from the Frontiers of Climate Science, a book that lays it all out but also has alternating optimistic chapters of what we can do.

We’re also talking about wealthy shoppers apparently absconding from town because 3 roads were pedestrianised; robot trees in Cork; new lobby groups for Data Centres which leads to an Una Rant™ about time being called on lobbying aka legal corruption.

Lean in listeners, lean in (not in a Sheryl Sandberg way though).

Also, isn’t it so great the Luas is still free?