EPISODE 66: 32 words for majouvih (and fields)

Manchán Magan’s book 32 Words for Field, Lost Words of the Irish Landscape has sold out in most places. When you read the blurb accompanying his book, you can see why.

“The richness of a language closely tied to the natural landscape offered our ancestors a more magical way of seeing the world. Before we cast old words aside, let us consider the sublime beauty and profound oddness of the ancient tongue that has been spoken on this island for almost 3,000 years. In Thirty-Two Words for Field, Manchan Magan meditates on these words – and the nuances of a way of life that is disappearing with them.”

As our COVID lives continue on, and we try to connect with simpler and more magical times, this book is perfectly timed to enhance our thoughts and minds. AND, finding out the 32 words for sesh in Irish makes it feel more uplifted. As is right.

Less enhancing of our minds is what can Get In The Sea this week, some It’s Bananas thoughts and of course the Tuna Chicken Roll. There’s 2 this week and they are TUNAS!