EPISODE 25: KILDARE: Boiling mad: What’s wrong with our water?

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink (unless it’s boiled). How do we, a small island with such a rainy disposition, have more issues than Vogue when it comes to water? As we face into another boil water notice, rain continues to bucket it down, and an emergency meeting of Kildare County Council is called about the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant with Irish Water in attendance; we talk to Michael Brennan, the author of recently published book ‘In Deep Water’. Where do the problems stem from, is climate change going to make it worse and why is shit still literally hitting the fan in Dublin Bay? A huge amount of money has been spent on Irish Water and its meters, so why are we not seeing any improvements?

We’re also talking Cher, Xtina, Dolly Parton and Joan Collins. Who said you can’t mix politics and glamour?