EPISODE 143: Assembly Election Spesh #5: End the Racist Border

It’s our final #AE22 instalment before the North goes to the polls, and this week, we’re talking borders. But not the border discourse you’re used to. Many, many people are prevented from moving from county to county in this country because of border restrictions placed on visa-nationals. Imagine working in a hospital in Derry, but being unable to take a day trip to a Derry beach. Imagine living with fear of being “caught” driving your child to school if it involves crossing the apparently invisible border. Imagine being racially profiled on public transport. This is the reality for many people on this island. We’ll be joined by people from the North West Migrants Forum to discuss how to end the racist border, and what its day-to-day impact is on people’s lives. If you’d like to get involved in this, you can find more information on the North West Migrants Forum website: www.nwmf.org.uk – from signing the petition to finding email templates to contact ROI TD’s.
We’re also talking about Darragh O’Brien’s othering of migrants; the National Maternity Hospital & Church marriage; The victory (for now) at the Cobblestone; The Met Gala; the beginning of the end of An Bord Pleanála? and much more.