EPISODE 114: Empty Student Gaffs & Maternity Restrictions Rage On

Why does it feel we have to keep protesting for the things that should be a given in a society?

1: Somewhere To Live
Killian Woods predicted a rent strike in a recent Byline episode because of the crazy housing crisis. Within that crisis, there’s another arc that perfectly illustrates why trying to find somewhere to live is so difficult. Empty purpose built student accommodation being granted change of use rather than lowering the prices. We’re talking to Dublin Inquirer’s Laoise Neylon about a recent article she wrote: “Providers of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Have Been Saying There’s a Lack of Demand for It” while students have been making 200km round trips to lectures cos they can’t find anywhere affordable to live. What gives?

2: Parents Being There For The Birth of Their Children
There’s a #MarchForMaternity on Wednesday at 1pm at the Dail because even though most things have reverted to some sort of ‘normality’, restrictions remain in place in maternity hospitals across the country. We’re talking to Linda Kelly from The Better Maternity Care Campaign or Women Ascend on Insta about what restrictions are still in place, why and who is responsible for removing them.

Plus Fave Bits, Tuna Chicken Rolls and a State of the Nation.