EPISODE 128: British Democracy Is Under Attack

As Boris Johnson struggles for his political life thanks to a load of lockdown parties, what about the bigger picture of British political chaos? On this episode, we’re joined by the editor-in-chief of OpenDemocracy to discuss how British democracy is under attack thanks to a shift to the libertarian-right within the Tory party, and how a raft of regressive and sinister legislation seeks to curtail freedoms and undermine democracy.

Plus: Iveagh Markets; Deadly Cuts AGAIN; our new TV show about coddle and our ongoing problem with pleasure (not ours obviously, the collective ours!)

EPISODE 127: An Outbreak Of Self Love

New Year, Same us.

We’re not buying into the January narrative round these parts and instead have enlisted the warmth and wisdom of author, journalist, coach and most importantly for this ep, meditation teacher Conor Creighton to spin that narrative on its head.

Conor says, “The Pressure to be highly productive in January is capitalism further disconnecting us from our true selves. All nature is resting right now, so should you.”

Less Namaste is the rioting in Kazakhstan and it’s connection to bitcoin mining, Operation Transformation; the ongoing bananas-ness of Build-To-Rent and the sham of minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

Plus a reminder to fill in the review on alcohol licensing.

EPISODE 125: The United Ireland Stocking Filler

La la La – Tis the season.
We’re putting our fingers in our ears and blocking out anything that isn’t joyful for the next week (or so). So this episode is just a bumper filled episode of fave bits.
Will JLo make the cut? Of course she will.
Does everyone apart from Una know what Christmas Milk is?
Is there a full on lean to the left in Latin America? YES!
And is The Golden Girls on TG4 every day? Thank you for being a friend.
Good things are happening.

EPISODE 124: The National Broadband Plan gets murky

Recent revelations about the National Broadband Plan say a lot about public-private partnerships, transparency, and what the State does with large amounts of money for big projects. Joining us to explain it all is Thomas Hubert of The Currency, who has been investigating the broadband money trail. Meanwhile, Una wants the new season of Drive To Survive ASAP, and Andrea has her PR hat on with Peloton.

EPISODE 123: Is there a licensing revolution on the way?

Reform of Ireland’s licensing laws has long been advocated for, but the desire for more flexible and expansive licensing was ignored. Now, the government is getting to it. Even as clubs are closed, there is progress being made, and a public consultation on licensing has been opened by the Department of Justice. So what needs to happen, and how can you make an impact in the consultation process? We’re bringing you a licensing explainer, and the thoughts of PYG booker and DJ Colin Perkins. Shout out to Give Us The Night and everyone working towards a better vibe at night (you can register for webinars GUTN are doing on this consultation through their socials)

You can take part in the consultation here, the closing date is the 21st January.


EVERYONE UNITED: Utopia at the National Concert Hall

This week’s episode is a recording of our recent live podcast event at the National Concert Hall with ourselves and Conner Habib of Against Everyone With Conner Habib. You should definitely support Conner’s podcast on Patreon, it’s genuinely one of the best around. For this episode, we were joined by an audience to discuss utopian processes, unity, creating the life you want to live, and asking: what do you want?

EPISODE 120: The Government’s lost the (badly ventilated) room

Shit got real again this week as the COVID surge escalated, and HSE chief Paul Reid issued a crisis management directive. So the government obviously stood up to the task of introducing mitigation strategies, right? Well, em, no.

They popped a midnight curfew on clubs and continued to talk about washing your hands.

We’re looking at a cataclysmic week for the govt where things were reduced to arguing over who was going to pay for their own antigen tests (how noble) and who was throwing teachers under the bus off mic (or not) rather than talking about how the hell we’re going to get out of this fine mess, without simple relying on the silver bullet of the vaccine.

The mood has changed. The room’s been lost. But what now?

EPISODE 119: Gold Diggin’ in Leitrim

Just as the Leitrim community was able to relax after winning it’s fight against onshore fracking, another threat to the county strikes – the hunt for gold.

A few weeks ago, a group called Treasure Leitrim was formed when it emerged a company called Flintridge Research was seeking a prospecting licence for gold and silver in north Leitrim near Manorhamilton.

We’re joined by Jamie from Treasure Leitrim to find out what’s going on, if there’s an actual difference between prospecting and mining licences and what the granting of a prospecting license would mean, not just to the community but to the direction of our country going forward as a ‘resource’ hunter.

Also, LOADS of Fave Bits – we’re excited about a lot at the moment, but also an equally large amount of things to Get In The Sea and Drive us BANANAS!

Enjoy xo