EPISODE 99: Dublin City Council v The City

With South William Street securing centre-of-the-universe status over the past week, we talk to Lord Mayor Hazel Chu about the lack of preparation for an outdoor summer, and how – if possible – a change of culture in Dublin City Council needs to occur so that the city thrives. Also, Una runs the Bechdel Test by Maid In Manhattan, James Geoghegan V Jane Jacobs, and Andrea is getting ready for BBQ season.

We may mention in the ep that this is our 100th episode. This is in fact, a lie. Enjoy episode 99 and get ready for our centenary celebrations next week.

EPISODE 98: “piracy in the skies” Belarus explainer

With Belarusian leadership going for a “piracy in the skies” plot even Olivia Pope couldn’t make up, what is actually going on in Belarus? How has a generational shift cracked Europe’s last dictator’s grip on power, where does Russia come in, and what happens next? We’re joined by Coda’s editor-in-chief, Natalia Antelava, to dig into the future of the Belarusian regime and its opposition.

Also, the Brown Thomas carpark is not for turning, Sinead O’Connor’s memoir is published, and the Dublin Bay South by-election heats up.

BONUS: Caelainn Hogan on Breaking the Silence

Ahead of an event she is curating at the National Concert Hall with the International Literature Festival Dublin on Saturday May 29th called Breaking the Silence, we catch up with Republic of Shame author Caelainn Hogan to discuss how art responds to and channels the legacy of survivors of institutions in Ireland, the impact of her book, and how the intense reflection instigated by the pandemic will have a wide-ranging impact on social movements in Ireland.

EPISODE 97: Left Behind, Ireland’s Millennials in Crisis

Rising rents, falling wages, collapsing home ownership, increasing unemployment: hard data is finally backing up the experience of intergenerational inequality that is leaving millennials in Ireland worse off than their parents.

This week, we’re joined by Dr Barra Roantree, an economist from the ESRI, and one of the people behind a new report that lays bare the struggle young people in Ireland are facing to build their futures.

It’s not all bad though! Change is in the air, and the political system can make things better, if the will is there.

Plus, Tropical Popical is back open, TikTok dance their way into the office block Google passed on in Dublin, Facebook moderators speak out, and a little thing called white water rafting makes its return.

EPISODE 96: Ireland’s Housing Crisis Boiling Point

This week, Soc Dems TD Cian O’Callaghan joins us to discuss the boiling point that peaked this week regarding Ireland’s housing crisis. This is a fascinating conversation with a TD who breaks down what’s wrong with Fine Gael’s housing policy, the shared equity scheme in the government’s bill, REITs and investment funds buying up estates, apartment blocks and gaffs in general, and why and how we got to this boiling point.

Also we discuss the bizarre Eoghan Harris Twitter saga and online attacks against women journalists, Kate O’Connell’s decision not to run in Dublin Bay South, the lacklustre “pedestrianisation” plans for Dublin city, clubbing as culture in Berlin, and Kathy Acker!

EPISODE 95: Why are the hills on fire?

Half of Killarney National Park was burnt by devastating fires this week due to ‘countryside burning’, something that has become an annual ritual. The Mourne Mountains suffered a similar fate. And many, many other hills and mountainous areas.

We talk to Pádraic Fogarty of the Irish Wildlife Trust about why these fires are started, what CAP payments have to do with it, why we need to stop it and how we can go about it.

We also talk ‘ideological’ housing policies; Debenhams workers still on strike; Eoghan Murphy; Arlene; Jigsaw closing and the country opening back up again.