Una & Andrea’s United Ireland Bonus: BYLINE EP 1: Jack Power on the sexual abuse scandals that rocked the scouts

Byline is a new bonus series from United Ireland, where we speak to journalists working on important stories. We take a deep dive into those stories, and the journalists’ working processes, and tack how they brought the issue into the public sphere, and the impact it had.

The covid-19 pandemic has created a huge appetite for quality breaking news, reporting, and investigative journalism, but it has also caused advertising revenue to collapse, leaving many media outlets in precarious positions.

At a time when trust is at something of a low in media, and where tech companies that participate in undermining democracy, promoting misinformation and disinformation and benefiting from advertising that previously went to newspapers and other traditional media outlets, and where mainstream media outlets are often subjected to attacks from several quarters, we want to get back to the story and highlight the decent work and hard graft that often goes uncelebrated.

Byline is about good journalists doing the hard yards in the public interest.

First up, is a young reporter in the Irish Times, Jack Power, who has earned the respect of his colleagues and the industry for his diligence, tenacity, and the seriousness with which he pursues stories. Jack is a reporter almost in the classic mould. Today, Una talks to him about his work investigating and reporting on the sexual abuse of children in scouting organisations in Ireland.

EPISODE 50: The Bewleys Effect

With the iconic Grafton Street cafe unable to afford its rent and closing, what does this say about how businesses and retail are coping with rent, landlords, and survival in the pandemic? We’re joined by Irish Times Business Editor Ciarán Hancock for the lowdown on the landscape of retail rent in Ireland, and Rosie from Hen’s Teeth gives her perspective as one of those involved in running a small but vibrant creative space in Dublin. Plus, Una finally coins a JLo-related republican slogan, and Andrea is ragin about Boris.

BONUS EP: What’s Going On In Sweden?

You’ve probably heard a lot about how Sweden approached the covid-19 pandemic differently, and it’s an approach that is providing media and amateur covid-commentators with a rake of hot takes and opinions. But what’s really going on in Sweden, and what can the rest of the world learn, positively or negatively, from their approach? On this bonus podcast, Una talks to journalist Philip O’Connor in detail about the Swedish pandemic experience. This is a fascinating conversation, and we learned A LOT.

EPISODE 49: Lockdown Learnings

This week, Una and Andrea assess how the lockdown has impacted how they think about the world and are sharing some lockdown learnings. Are you seeing the world differently? What has lockdown brought up for you. Meanwhile, the Greens are running in the burning building otherwise known as the It’ll Be Grand coalition, Leo Varadkar thinks handing out food parcels is Trumpian, SOUND, and every teenager’s dream comes true as the Leaving Cert is cancelled.

BONUS EP: Christopher John Rogers

As a glorious bonus accompaniment to this week’s fashion episode, Andrea is talking to the king of bold colour and luxuriously voluminous silhouettes, Christopher John Rogers.

After recently winning the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and presenting his exquisite Fall 2020 collection with the fabrics of his dreams and seeing his clothes on powerhouses like Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Lizzo and Tracee Ellis Ross, we find out how Corona is impacting him as a designer both creatively and commercially.

Una & Andrea’s United Ireland · BONUS EP: Christopher John Rogers

EPISODE 48: Corona, but make it fashion

With the fashion industry in flux, this week’s episode is inspired by Saint Laurent’s announcement that the brand is bowing out of fashion weeks, taking back control of its own schedule, and focussing instead on creativity. At the start of the pandemic people were rushing to create and fill the pause with content, but now it seems lots of industries are taking stock. Could it be that the pandemic will change the fashion industry forever? We speak to the fashion writer and editor Sarah Schijen about how the industry is responding to the pandemic, and the Chief Product Officer for LVMH’s private equity firm, Jemma Cassidy. Also this week, Una has her eye on pandemic surveillance capitalism, and Andrea is bopping to the BBC.

Una & Andrea’s United Ireland · EPISODE 48: Corona, but make it fashion

EPISODE 47: Can the live music industry recover post-pandemic?

We are facing into a musically barren summer as festivals are cancelled across the land and around the world. With the live music industry hugely impacted by the pandemic, we check in with someone who runs a festival and someone who plays one, to talk about the logistics and learnings of live music pressing pause. Avril Stanley who runs Body & Soul talks about her experience of putting a massive amount of work on ice and wonders what festivals really mean now, and Krystal Klear gives us the lowdown on the disruption so many touring DJs are experiencing. Meanwhile, Andrea is gunning for the 2k Stasi, and Una is drinking wine.

Una & Andrea’s United Ireland · EPISODE 47: Can the live music industry recover post-pandemic?