EPISODE 93: The Outdoor Emergency

We bring you behind the scenes of Dublin City Council’s outdoor plans for the summer, how Cork is steaming ahead of the capital, why city recovery taskforce was revamped four days after launching, and the plan for coffee docks to supply public toilets. Bananas.

Also: Stefanie Preissner’s Fianna Fáil cheque, MHQ fully booked in a city full of hotels, and the excellent novel Detransition, Baby.

BYLINE: Suzanne Lynch

Suzanne Lynch is the Washington Correspondent for the Irish Times, and has gone from the chaos of the Trump era to the slightly more zen vibes of flying on Air Force 2 with Kamala Harris. Suzanne’s love of music, her English PhD from Cambridge, and her accidental background in finance journalism all contributed to her excellent reporting from Brussels as the newspaper’s Europe Correspondent before she headed to D.C.. In this interview, she discusses the graft of her earlier career, the despondency in America at peak Trump, and what Biden may have in store for Ireland’s happy relationship with FDI and our corporate tax rate.

EPISODE 92: How can we make Ireland the best bee-friendly country in the world?

Paul Handrick and Clare-Louise Donelan are from the Bee Sanctuary of Ireland and have started the ambitious ‘National Meadowland Project’. We’re talking to them about side stepping the old style of farming in favour of creating the perfect conditions for the 98 kinds of wild bees in Ireland with the only dedicated native wild bee sanctuary on the planet.

We’re also talking to novice bee-keeper Adam Sherry about the logistics of setting up your very own hive.

PLUS Jack Charlton, The Sopranos (it’s a new show, have you heard of it?) and Cllrs petitioning em, the council for more outdoor toilets.

EPISODE 91: Behavioural Science Holds The Answers

With tempers fraying amongst a despondent public, and case numbers plateauing, we talk to Pete Lunn, the head of the ESRI Behavioural Research Unit about current public health messaging, what he has learned from a year of research in an extraordinary time for behavioural scientists, and how we can overcome this current difficult moment.

Plus love for For Those I Love, CMAT, Saint Sister, Pillow Queens.

And White Water Rafting, Green Implosion & United Ireland on Claire Byrne.

EPISODE 90: Don’t be a Co-Op Out

This week we’re wondering how communities can buy their local pub by asking Isla McCulloch from Co-Operatives UK to give us the DL on Britain’s long-standing co-op culture.

The Tories just launched a £150 million Community Ownership Fund to help community groups buy or take over local community assets at risk of being lost. As the hospitality industry continues to await the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, is it time to start a co-op culture in Ireland?


With protestors being shot dead on the streets, and a sense that history is repeating itself in Myanmar as the military once again takes over in a coup on February 1st, people from Myanmar living in Ireland are desperate for the Irish government and other countries to move beyond statements and take action. We speak to two people from Myanmar living in Kilkenny and Kerry about watching from afar, and calling for help.

EPISODE 88: GDP, yeah you know me

When we saw Samuel Brazys, an Associate Professor at UCD tweeting that 1,257 companies with a combined turnover of 68 billion (= to 17.5% of Irish GDP) work from one office block on North Wall Quay in Dublin, we had to know more.

We wanted to know about GDP, GNP, GNI*, tax loopholes, whether we have any intangible assets we can move to a tax haven, are we a tax haven on purpose, what’s a double Irish and should we do away with all these maybe fake measurements of our economy and change to Gross National Happiness like Bhutan and New Zealand?

BONUS EP: Clubbing is Culture

In our ongoing quest to dance, we’re looking at the importance of Clubbing being considered as culture.

On the back of the Dept of Justice announcing intentions to extend our archaic licensing laws and repeal the 1935 Public Dance Halls Act following the long term campaigning by Sunil Sharpe and the rest of the Give Us The Night crew and the establishment of the Night Time Economy Task Force, we’re delving into the policies of each of the parties with regard to what happens in our cities and towns after dark.

You can also watch the Clubbing Is Culture mini doc here: