EPISODE 14: Privacy, the Public Service Card, and big problems…

If there’s anything we’ve learned since the Cambridge Analytica exposé, it’s that data is both very precious to those who own it and extremely dangerous if it’s accessed by power hungry maniacs. Hell, we learned this from James Bond and The Bourne films, but it’s only when it hits you in the face that the stark reality of what’s at stake IRL truly materialises.

Which is why we wanted to fully focus this week’s episode on the fallout from the Data Protection Commissioner’s landmark investigation into the government’s Public Service Card. We’re joined in the studio by the Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon to talk through what happened, why it was found to be illegal and what the ramifications of that are, what they could have been and where we go from here.

We’re also talking about Aches’ Horseboy mural; Tarantino being a forever creep; The Berlin Boys Club, a nomadic men’s group exploring healthy masculinity and just how great Aisling Bea is.

EPISODE 13: DONEGAL: Should Donegal have Universal Basic Income?

We’re all about radical solutions to big issues here at United Ireland, and this week we journey to Donegal, to see whether what’s often called the forgotten county could benefit from new thinking. Joining us this week is the mastermind behind Finland’s Universal Basic Income experiment, Olli Kangas, and Donegal doer and thinker Declan Meehan gives us the lay of the land. Our County Rep this week is Una’s better half, Sarah Francis, who is repping the north west hard.

Andrea bowls us over with her Donegal facts, and we also talk about Jeffrey Epstein, Hong Kong protests, and our all-star drag lineup for Love Sensation when Tuna Chicken Roll goes live!

Enya, Football Special, Tory kings, Donegal queens, fishing, Brexit, wee Daniel, this episode has it all! Donegal abú!

EPISODE 12: United Ireland: Lethal Dialect

We’re mixing things up this week, for a special episode on Lethal Dialect, otherwise known as Paul Alwright. Back to the counties next week! With these bonus interviews, we’re trying to find out what makes artists and doers tick and the importance that their environment and their county holds to them.

Lethal Dialect is back, with a new album on the way and a gig this Friday at the Workmans in Dublin. In this chat with Una, LD talks about place, country and home, capitalism, hip-hop, stoicism, and plenty of other bits in between, as we wandered around Golden Lane, Dublin Castle, Christchurch, before retiring to the Lord Edward pub.

EPISODE 11: WATERFORD: Are there too many festivals and somehow not enough tickets?

We’re popping down to the Sunny South East this week at the same time as all of the music revelers™ making their way to All Together Now, praying for blue skies and some of that famous sun. As another sold out festival hits the circuit in only its second year, it’s clear that there’s still room for a festival with a good vibe and a cracking lineup. But the concert calendar in Ireland looks pretty crowded this summer – or is it possible that our appetite for live music in a field is insatiable? And what about the tickets to those gigs? When people were losing their minds over tickets to Lizzo’s show in the Olympia vanishing in seconds, only to be resold by Ticketmaster at inflated prices, it rightly shone the light again on how tickets are being sold in this country.

We’ll be talking to RTE Brainstorm’s Jim Carroll about what’s going on with these ‘platinum’ tickets and that packed festival calendar, along with journalist Amy O’Connor, who will be filling us in all about the Déise.

EPISODE 10: LEITRIM: Why is Ireland planting the wrong trees?

This week we’re off to Ireland’s smallest county to talk about trees. Listen up, this is an important story that isn’t getting the coverage it deserves. We speak to Save Leitrim about why they’re campaigning against particular forestry projects and enterprises, and we hear about the impact this is all having on the county.

In glorious news, Louise McSharry is our very special guest host this week. ALL HAIL LOUISE. Andrea is back next week to reclaim her throne.

Our County Rep this week is Katherine Lynch, who is repping Leitrim HARD.

Una and Louise choose their fave bits, Louise selects the tuna chicken roll, and our youngest ever guest joins us in studio. That’s right, Louise’s new baby, Ted, is here to make his voice heard.

Save the trees, save the bees, Save Leitrim.

EPISODE 9: DERRY: Lyra McKee was murdered in Derry. What happened next?

On April 18th, 2019, journalist Lyra McKee was shot dead during rioting in the Creggan area of Derry. On this episode about what happened next, Lyra’s partner, Sara Canning, talks about the night Lyra was murdered and how her death impacted her, her community, and Derry itself. We also discuss the protests that emerged in response to Lyra’s murder with Lyra’s friend, Sinead Quinn. One of the most respected journalists in the country, Susan McKay, is in studio to discuss the social, political and economic context of her hometown Derry, and she also gives us added insight into the significance of Lyra’s journalism, and her own relationship with Lyra. Our County Rep this week is the brilliant Séamas O’Reilly, a writer with The Observer and the Irish Times, who delivers a beautiful ode to Derry. This episode examines the legacy of an incredibly talented young journalist murdered in her prime, and what it’s really like to grow up in a place where things like this happen, and how Derry is potentially on the precipice of even more difficulties with Brexit looming. But it’s also about a place of tremendous spirit, creativity, humour and resilience. We’d like to especially thank Sara for being so honest and generous with her time while she is still grieving her partner. Rest in Power,

EPISODE 8: Has the World Cup changed women’s sport forever?

This week, it’s a special episode of United Ireland.

We take a deep dive with some football experts about the seismic impact the women’s World Cup has had. Is this the most important women’s tournament of all time? What impact did lesbians have on the tournament? Why are female footballers so much more political than male ones? Are the USA cocky or brill? What does this all mean for pay equity for female athletes?

Joining the episode is Chief Football Writer for The Independent (UK) Miguel Delaney, and a woman at the heart of RTE’s highly praised tournament coverage, Elaine ‘Bucko’ Buckley. It’s a football feelings frenzy!

EPISODE 7: CORK: Show us the money! How can we make Big Tech pay tax?

We’re off to the Rebel County to talk tax. Show us the money!

How can we make Big Tech pay tax? Down in Cork, Apple reigns supreme as a huge employer, but they’re also at the centre of what could be a game-changing case that strikes at the heart of Ireland’s “welcoming” environment for Big Tech companies. When the European Commission ruled that Apple needed to pay over €13 billion in back-taxes to the Irish government, Ireland sided with Apple and are currently trying to refuse the dosh.

So, how can we make Big Tech pay tax like everyone else, and what will happen to all those billions resting in an account somewhere? Dara Doyle from Bloomberg tells us everything we need to know about Big Tech and Bigger Tax.

Also, Una gives her Glastonbury review, and Andrea is finally a work of art.

EPISODE 6: PRIDE: What does the queer community lose when Pride goes mainstream?

Happy Pride!

What does Pride mean to you?

In a tale as old as time, the question of corporate involvement and mainstreaming of Pride continues to rear it’s head. Have we moved forward enough for Pride to simply be a party or does the protest element have to remain front and centre? …And who gets to decide?

Who better to tease it out than this year’s Pride Parade Grand Marshal and Act Up campaigner, Will St Leger; Managing Editor of Ireland’s queer mag GCN, Lisa Connell and founder of Trans Pride Ollie Bell; Una and of course, token straight Andrea. Cos they should always be centre of the conversation, amirite Tay Tay?