Episode 67: HOPE

Yes we know things are crap, we know people are stressed and on edge and beginning to crack. We know Dublin at least is on the verge of more restrictions. We know the government and its comms strategy is clown car levels of YA WHA. And yet, there’s always hope. In this episode, we flip the script, and instead of getting bogged down, ask some beacons of hope to give us just that. What positive things can emerge from this harsh moment? Mary Lou McDonald, Ailbhe Smyth, Maser, Philip King, Conner Habib, Gary Gannon, Elaine Feeney, and more join us to offer hope – it’s a thing with feathers, so let’s fly.

EPISODE 66: 32 words for majouvih (and fields)

Manchán Magan’s book 32 Words for Field, Lost Words of the Irish Landscape has sold out in most places. When you read the blurb accompanying his book, you can see why.

“The richness of a language closely tied to the natural landscape offered our ancestors a more magical way of seeing the world. Before we cast old words aside, let us consider the sublime beauty and profound oddness of the ancient tongue that has been spoken on this island for almost 3,000 years. In Thirty-Two Words for Field, Manchan Magan meditates on these words – and the nuances of a way of life that is disappearing with them.”

As our COVID lives continue on, and we try to connect with simpler and more magical times, this book is perfectly timed to enhance our thoughts and minds. AND, finding out the 32 words for sesh in Irish makes it feel more uplifted. As is right.

Less enhancing of our minds is what can Get In The Sea this week, some It’s Bananas thoughts and of course the Tuna Chicken Roll. There’s 2 this week and they are TUNAS!

EPISODE 65: Does Dun Laoghaire Rathdown have the pandemic urban design answers?

Robert Burns is a council director who oversaw pandemic-era design and infrastructure changes that are transforming public space in coastal villages in south Dublin. In this episode we talk to him about what the public wants and needs and what councils everywhere can learn from moving so quickly to change the layout of where we live. Also, Una is not spoilering Tenet, the Dublin Fringe begins, and David Blaine is being a balloon bore.

BYLINE: Aoife Grace Moore

On this episode of BYLINE, we’re speaking with Aoife Grace Moore about her career, and of course the story she and Paul Hosford broke at the Irish Examiner, now known as Golfgate. It’s a story that shook the Irish nation, its government, and the EU Commission, and led to the resignation and disciplining of multiple political figures, including the EU Trade Commissioner, Phil Hogan, and the second Minister for Agriculture of this administration, Dara Calleary.
Aoife is a journalist with the Irish Examiner working the political beat, who got the scoop of the year, instigating conversations about accountability in public life, and bruising a government that has a habit of denting itself. In this episode, she discusses breaking Golfgate, her eclectic start in journalism from Scotland to Melbourne, and more.

BYLINE is our companion series where we speak to brilliant journalists about the stories that matter. Thanks to our Patreon supports for helping us make our podcasts.

32 Questions for Kate O’Connell

32 Questions is back. In this episode, we speak to former Fine Gael TD Kate O’Connell. Kate is a rare Fine Gael voice on our podcast, but much like Fine Gael itself, United Ireland is a broad church.

In this episode, Kate discusses losing her seat in the 2020 general election, her constituency relationship with Eoghan Murphy, her assessment of Fine Gael’s direction under the leadership of Leo Varadkar, the Golfgate saga, as well as vodka tonics, how her upbringing formed her outlook, her experience of sexism in Irish electoral politics, her role in the Repeal movement, that infamous “choir boys singing for their supper” comment, her fearlessness, and whether or not she’ll contest another election in the future.

EPISODE 64: New restrictions lose the logic battle

Paradox: A seeming contradiction. A FF led press conference?

Look, we know decisions are being made in the best interests of public health but how the hell did they end up being so confusing, contradictory and so god damn frustrating. We’re having a delve into last night’s presser and have many questions for the comms team behind it all.

Also, social media pile ons can Get in the Sea and we find a state funded agency with a board of nuns telling sex workers what’s best for them to be more than a bit Bananas 🍌🍌🍌

And even though there’s been a lot of bad buzzes this week, we still manage to find loads of fave bits.

Una & Andrea’s United Ireland · EPISODE 64: New restrictions lose the logic battle

EPISODE 63: Demystifying the Planning Process

In recent years, urban development in Ireland has seen a massive increase in hotels being built, purpose built student accommodation, and so called “co-living” developments. But what’s behind this drive in the midst of a housing crisis? Who is planning our cities, and how does that process work? We’re joined by architect and lecturer Orla Hegarty of UCD to demystify the planning process and see what other forces are contributing to development in Irish cities that are displacing communities, and creating a culture of transient living in small spaces.

Also on the pod, Andrea recovers from a drag blowout, the Tánaiste takes to Twitter(!), and Una is playing frisbee.

Una & Andrea’s United Ireland · EPISODE 63: Demystifying the Planning Process

EPISODE 62: Pandemic Limbo

WIth the announcement that we wouldn’t be proceeding to Phase 4 this week, a can of worms was opened filled with frustration, fatigue and an overwhelming feeling that an element of sense was missing in some of the propositions and plans being put forward by Government to combat COVID-19.

It almost feels like the young and the entertainment industry are being thrown under the bus to distract from the shortcomings in dealing with the pandemic in the areas that we’ve seen outbreaks in – direct provision centres; processing plants and care homes.

We’re taking a read on the state of the nation’s mood right now and how that will impact people’s adherence to guidelines and we’re also talking to psychotherapist Sarah Gilligan about how to manage our collective frustrations.

Una & Andrea’s United Ireland · EPISODE 62: Pandemic Limbo

BYLINE: Peter Geoghegan

On our third episode of byline, we speak with journalist Peter Geoghegan, author of the new book Democracy for Sale: Dark Money and Dirty Politics, tracking the money that flows through British politics. We talk to Peter about Brexit, the DUP, Arron Banks, as well as Peter’s career, his work with openDemocracy, and his encounters with Steve Bannon.

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Una & Andrea’s United Ireland · BYLINE: Peter Geoghegan

Ep 61 – Is a Cashless Society a Good Thing?

This week, we’re talking to Brett Scott about the future of cash. The pandemic has accelerated the idea of a “cashless society”, but is that a good thing, or even the right term we should be using?

Also, the clown car government continues, Una is back from west Cork to share her love of camping with Andrea, and we introduce a new segment: IT’S BANANAS.

Una & Andrea’s United Ireland · Ep 61 – Is a Cashless Society a Good Thing?