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United Ireland is a weekly 32-episode podcast delving into the issues you care about in Ireland, and around the world. Every week, we’ll focus on an Irish county, and bring you smart and sound conversations about a question vital to that county, discussing the things that matter to you with brilliant guests

Tired of basic-ass broadcasting? Bored of hearing the same old voices debating the same old issues? Sick of polarised debates and people fighting? Want a pep in your step, and to learn some smart shit? Welcome to United Ireland.


Una and Andrea’s previous podcast adventure was Don’t Stop Repealin’, which kept us (and loads of you guys) sane during the abortion referendum in Ireland in 2018. After that podcast, we wanted to do something that challenged current affairs broadcasting formats in Ireland, and brought something new to the party. United Ireland is our new podbaby.

Andrea lives by the mantra ‘create the life you want to live’ and her nail bar Tropical Popical in Dublin has been instrumental in making that happen. Sometimes feminist activist, all time tacky fashion lover, she’s a businesswoman who strives to achieve as much as she can whilst working as little as possible.
Likes: Coffee slices, disco
Dislikes: Silly licensing laws, negative vibes

United Ireland Podcast Logo


Una is a journalist, author, screenwriter, broadcaster, poet… she’s essentially a slashie, never happier than when she has her fingers in all the pies. An oracle to many, she brings the smarts to the party (she obviously knows how to let her hair down) whilst at the same time managing to support and highlight as much culture as the island has to offer.
Likes: Bakewell tarts, festivals
Dislikes: Patriarchy, media-by-numbers


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United Ireland needs your support! The last podcast we made, Don’t Stop Repealin’, had zero budget yet consistently made it to the top of the Irish podcast charts. That’s great and all, but we need to make United Ireland sustainable and brilliant, and that costs money.

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